Even a tiny change in salary dramatically affects your lifetime earnings potential. To maximize your earnings, you must negotiate the best possible compensation package for each role throughout your career.

Employers EXPECT candidates to negotiate their salary and benefits packages. (In fact, most employers are prepared to settle at 3% to 5% more than the first amount mentioned.) Candidates must optimize opportunities to negotiate a win-win solution that meets the needs of all parties. With the proper perspective, preparation, and practice, you will have a far greater probability of maximizing your total compensation package and securing a win-win outcome that will satisfy everyone’s needs.

Whether you’re seeking a raise or negotiating your starting salary, our coaches have proven strategies to help you accomplish your goals.

Ready to get started? Please read about our compensation negotiation coaching package below.

Compensation Negotiation Coaching

Our experienced coaches will explain what to expect throughout the negotiation process and teach you strategies to prepare for a successful employment compensation negotiation and methods to achieve a win-win outcome for all parties involved. With our guidance and support, you will walk away feeling confident during a salary and benefits compensation negotiation and equipped to maximize your compensation package.

Your coach will:

  • Provide you with tips and tactics to avoid common negotiating mistakes
  • Equip you with methods to establish control and negotiate for the best possible salary and benefits package
  • Walk you through the salary survey process so you can determine your true market value
  • Help you create an effective personalized negotiation strategy
  • Give you a chance to practice
  • Provide constructive feedback and work with you to improve your performance
  • And even provide additional assistance via email for the next 30 days

NOTE: We can record the practice negotiation session so you can continue reviewing your performance and make corrections before your actual compensation negotiation.

Compensation Negotiation Package Includes:

  • Initial phone consultation
  • 1-hour salary survey & compensation research session
  • 1-hour negotiation strategy & preparation session
  • 1-hour mock negotiation practice session
  • 30-minute debrief session with verbal feedback
  • Written mock interview feedback & recommendations provided within 24 hours
  • Workbook & resources
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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