Career Coaching

With a proven track record of success, CCC Career Coaches help clients achieve and exceed their unique personal and professional goals more quickly and efficiently than they would without a coaching partner.

Our coaches collaborate with you to define your long-term objectives, work with you to create a personalized, achievable, step-by-step plan of action, and provide you with the tools, techniques, insights, and support you need to develop or advance your career.

Every coach is personally invested in each client’s success and committed to providing a valuable service by ensuring tangible results. That’s why we offer our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Ready to get started? Check out our Career Coaching packages below.

Career Coaching Services

Your Career Coach will work with you to create a schedule that will hold you accountable and provide a safe and confidential space for you to explore, experiment, gain clarity, and explore career options and opportunities without judgment or attachment.

Our coaching sessions are custom-tailored to YOU and your specific needs – whether you want to discuss a particular obstacle or the general conditions in your career or professional life.

Through our coaching program, you can expect to receive guidance on a range of topics, including career exploration, career change, and personal career development. Your coach can help you craft a strategic career plan and make complex career-related decisions. Our coaches can also provide customized advice and recommendations for dealing with difficult employment-related issues – and much more!

Once you complete the coaching program, your coach will even provide guidance and accountability for 30 days via email so you feel supported in your efforts!

What makes our Career Coaching services unique?

  • The thorough, holistic approach
  • Goal-focused strategies
  • Personalized, custom-tailored service
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Tactical implementation support
  • Accountability partnership
  • Optimal efficiency
  • Tangible positive results
  • Professional coaches
  • Affordable fees

All Coaching Packages Includes:

  • Complimentary initial consultation
  • SWOT analysis & recommendations
  • Targeted strategies, tactics, & implementation processes
  • Resources, tools, & follow-up notes provided after each session
  • Personalized support, guidance, & accountability
  • Coaching via phone or virtual online meeting
  • Coaching support via email for 30 days after program completion
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

1-Hour Coaching Package Includes:

  • One 1-hour coaching session

2-Hour Coaching Package Includes:

  • Two 1-hour coaching sessions

3-Hour Coaching Package Includes:

  • Three 1-hour coaching sessions

Annual Coaching Lite Package Includes:

  • Twelve 1-hour coaching sessions (one session/month)

Annual Coaching Regular Package Includes:

  • Twenty-four 1-hour coaching sessions (two sessions/month)

Customer Testimonial

Below is a story of a man who took advantage of Career Creators Consulting coaching services and was encouraged and equipped to pursue his true passion in the luxury auto industry...

"8 recruiters – I called, emailed, and filled out web forms uploading my resume and only one called me back. They presented a job I was not qualified for as if they didn’t even read my resume. 50 applications submitted through LinkedIn and Indeed with not a single interview. About 30% sent me a rejection email thus far.

Clearly the corporate world does not want me. And that’s ok!

I decided I want to get into the car business and slowly take it over. Ha-ha!!!

Bringing my A-game, I walked into 5 high-line car dealerships with no appointments. Cadillac, Porsche, Mercedes, Alpha One, Aston Martin. I got to speak with a sales manager or general manager at all of them – all but Aston Martin called me in for an interview.

Cadillac offered me a job starting in a few weeks. Porsche has a follow-up interview scheduled this week. Alpha One has not got back to me since Tuesday, but I had a 2-hour interview with the owner. Mercedes has a phone interview scheduled with me on Monday."

~Ben B.

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