First impressions are critical. An estimated 30% of interviewers say they make their decision about a candidate within the first five minutes of the interview when assessing them for potential employment.

It would be best if you made the most of this small window to make a positive first impression. Without exception, you should expect to conduct multiple interviews to be considered for any particular position. There are numerous factors to consider that can – and will – affect your chances of landing a great new job. To perform well during an interview, you must be well-prepared for the interview process.

With the proper perspective, preparation, and practice, you will be more likely to be invited back for second and third interviews and ultimately receive a job offer.

Ready to get started? Never blow an interview again! Learn more about our interview coaching package below.

Acing the Interview Coaching

Through our interview preparation coaching program, our experienced coaches explain what to expect throughout the entire interview process and how to prepare for and ace the interview. With our guidance and support, you will feel confident and comfortable demonstrating your skills and experience during an interview.

Your coach will walk you through each step of the interview process, provide you with tips and tactics to overcome common interview mistakes, and teach you methods to establish control, maintain composure, and develop rapport with the interviewer.

You will master the most effective responses to over 50 commonly asked interview questions specifically for your desired role and level of responsibility – using your own real-life examples. Ultimately, you will learn how to “wow” interviewers and positively differentiate yourself from your competitors during your interviews.

Once you are ready, we will conduct a 30-minute mock interview practice session where you put your knowledge to the test in a live role-play. Your coach will provide verbal and written feedback and recommendations, work with you to improve your interview performance, and even provide support via email for the next 30 days.

NOTE: We can record the practice interview session so you can continue reviewing your performance and make any needed corrections prior to your actual interview.

Acing the Interview Package Includes:

  • 1-hour strategic preparation session
  • 1-hour feedback session (discussion of written responses & recommendations for improvement)
  • 1-hour mock interview practice session role play
  • 30-minute mock interview debrief session with verbal feedback
  • Written mock interview feedback & recommendations provided within 24 hours
  • Workbook & resources
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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