Enlisting the help of a career coach or consultant has numerous advantages. 

Because the career coaching model is relatively new, many people simply do not realize what career coaching entails, the responsibilities of a career coach, or who would benefit from engaging with a career coach.

What does a career coach do?

Career coaches provide a wide range of services for people of all genders and ages at various stages of career development whether just starting a career, reentering the workforce after an absence, transitioning from one industry to another, or seeking that next level promotion. A career coach can provide critical advice, support, guidance, and a sense of direction or purpose that will eliminate frustration and save you precious time, effort, and money while you are making important decisions that affect every part of your personal and professional life. 

Of course, you may not require ALL of these services. Your career coach will consult with you to determine your needs, challenges, and objectives and then provide personalized coaching services custom-tailored to your unique situation. At Career Creators Consulting, you can expect your career coach to…

  • Work with you to create or update your resume, CV, and cover letters
  • Help you set up and optimize your social media profiles
  • Assist with career planning and exploration
  • Provide personalized advice for your unique job search
  • Collaborate with you to identify your core strengths, capabilities, talents, preferences, and interests related to your career opportunities, industry selection,  and career choice and direction. 
  • Critically evaluate personality, strength, talent, and preference self-assessments and offer recommendations to guide you in selecting the best job, role, and industry for you. Help you to focus your job search and plan your career path to achieve your professional goals and objectives. ( Career Planning Service
  • Help you prepare and practice for the most successful job interviews
  • Walk you through the professional networking process
  • Offer strategies to prepare and practice for a successful employment compensation negotiation
  • Help you build, practice, refine and perfect a powerful elevator speech
  • Deliver thoughtful  guidance and innovative tools and strategies for career advancement
  • Guide you through a challenging career transition
  • Or even help you kickstart your career
  • Ensure you achieve tangible result and are 100% satisfied with the results of your coaching service .

Career Creators Consulting offers a satisfaction guarantee - just in case you are not completely satisfied with the services you received – we will make it right or refund 50% of your paid coaching fees. 

When to invest in a career coaching service?

Hiring a career coach is an investment of both time, effort, and funds. When you are facing uncertainty…engaging with a career coach is an especially wise decision. Instead of wasting time and energy struggling to navigate the modern employment market on your own, you could take full advantage of the experience and expertise of a professional career coach. Working with a career coach will be much more efficient than attempting to navigate a major career decision or transition alone without knowledgeable guidance and support. 

Here are a few key signs that YOU, in particular, could benefit from career coaching:

  • You have been out of the job market for a while.

Over the past decade, the employment landscape has changed drastically. The prolific use of impersonal technology during a job search, such as online platforms, artificial intelligence (AI), applicant tracking systems (ATS), and video interviewing, causes many job seekers to become overwhelmed, extremely frustrated, and discouraged.

If the last time you applied for a job was more than a decade ago, you should seriously consider consulting with a career coach. With the assistance of a career coach, you will discover innovative job search strategies and tools and learn effective techniques to navigate job application systems, optimize technology, overcome obstacles and challenges, and achieve tangible results.  

  • You want to make a MAJOR career change.

Do you think you may be in the wrong job or pursuing a career that does not meet your needs? Perhaps it is time for you to explore the idea of making a significant career transition. Whether you are interested in a new role or an entirely different industry – making a successful career transition can be a daunting challenge. 

A career coach will collaborate with you to identify potential career opportunities and evaluate whether your strengths, talents, experiences, and capabilities match those potential jobs / roles. Then you and your coach develop a strategic plan of action for making the career transition while accommodating your current daily responsibilities and limitations. And your coach walks you through the process. 

  • You are struggling to clearly define your goals.

The most challenging step of the job search process is to define your personal and career-related short-term goals and long-term objectives. 

What are you looking for in a career? What are your three most significant personal and professional needs? Where do you want to be in one year? What about five years from now? 

These are just a few of the questions you’ll need to answer before you can really begin your job search. Fortunately, your career coach can help you discern and clarify your goals required to develop a realistic career plan with a clear and actionable job search strategy.

  • You have had multiple interviews, but no job offers.

Have you repeatedly made it to the first round of interviews, but not invited back? These types of experiences will make you wonder where you are missing the mark. Even if your resume and online application are perfect… poor interviewing skills will cost you the employment opportunity. 

A career coach will teach you methods to establish control, maintain composure, develop rapport with the interviewer, practice your interview responses, and provide constructive feedback and recommendations for improvement.  A career coach will help you to feel confident and perform at the highest level during the interview process. 

  • You are finding yourself stuck, frustrated, and discouraged.

Have you been conducting and unproductive job search for several months without any significant results? Are you experiencing career burnout or have an unexpected job loss? If so, you should seriously consider hiring a coach who truly understands how the modern job search process works. 

Too many job seekers attempt to find new career opportunities without knowing the anything about modern networking techniques and online resume-scanning algorithms. Although they may be very well-qualified for the positions for which they are applying…this lack of understanding may set them up for failure from the start. 

  • You are not sure how to build and optimize your personal and professional networks.

Do you have a fear of networking? For some people, networking seems easy and comes naturally. However, this is not the case for most of the adult population. 

If building your network – in-person and online – seems daunting or uncomfortable, consider enlisting a career coach to help you create an actionable networking plan and strategy. A career coach will assist you to identify and capitalize on unique networking opportunities within your industry, teach you how to optimize social media platforms to nurture your network, and collaborate with you to draft, refine, and practice your networking elevator speech. With the support and guidance of a career coach,  you will feel confident optimizing every networking opportunity. 

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