Your Online Image -- What does it say about you?

Created On: 02 April, 2016 Created By: Amber Travis-Ballinas

Your digital identity is more important now than ever before. To be hired--one must stand out in a positive manner both in person and online. Employers are using search engines increasingly as a type of ‘digital background check’, and 43% of employers admit to passing on an applicant based on information found during these online searches. Eighty-six percent of employers and recruiters polled agreed that if they found sexually suggestive content, evidence of hard partying, or other unflattering behavior when investigating an applicant’s online profile—they would not consider making a job offer to this candidate.

Creating a positive electronic image requires proactive management of your ‘digital reputation’. The first step in managing your digital profile is to discover what currently exists. You can do this by entering your name (enclosed in quotation marks) into any online search engine. The second step of managing your digital image is doing any necessary damage control.

A few actions that you can take to improve your online image:

  • “Untag” any inappropriate photos.
  • Delete any blog entries, tweets, or photos that create an unprofessional image.
  • Create a “LinkedIn” professional networking account and fully complete the profile information.
  • Create your own web page and post your own (flattering) content.
  • Blog regularly about something interesting and relevant. 
  • If necessary, contact the webmaster of a website to request that negative content be removed. 
  • Be sure to set all of your FaceBook privacy settings to "PRIVATE".
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