The Real Goal of Networking

Created On: 15 June, 2016 Created By: Amber Travis-Ballinas, Career Coach

What is the Real Goal of Networking? The ultimate goal of networking is to develop relationships where you can ask for help, from the person who can provide it, whenever you need it, without feeling awkward.

 “I owe you a favor.” Highly successful people have one thing in common—they understand how to develop genuine, mutually beneficial relationships that allow them to ask for and receive help whenever they need assistance to achieve their personal and professional objectives. They leverage the power of relationships and create a situation where their contacts ‘owe them a favor’.

Use the ‘Rule of Reciprocity’. Because all human beings have been socialized to unconsciously obey the ‘rule of reciprocity’, the simple act of offering your assistance creates a situation where the other person feels obligated to offer you assistance in return.

How to Utilize this Strategy? Offer assistance before you ask for assistance. When someone mentions that they have a challenge or problem, think, “How can I offer valuable assistance or support? What information, connection, contact, or resource could I offer to help solve their problem?”. Offer and provide appropriate support. You will create a situation where your contact, ‘owes you a favor’, so you can ask for and receive assistance when you need help.

Beware! This strategy is effective if and only if you approach the situation with a mind-set of sincere generosity and a desire to provide valuable assistance to your network. Otherwise, you will be perceived as selfish and self-serving.

Results. The time and effort invested in developing genuine, mutually beneficial relationships will result in the achievement of your personal and professional goals. And, you have the gratification of knowing that you are helping others to achieve their goals, as well.

Additional Information. For more information about this strategy, please read the book, Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi.

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